Publish SCSM work items to SharePoint 2013 calendar

This post describes how to automatically publish Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) work items to SharePoint 2013 calendar using Orchestrator.

What if managers wanted a SharePoint calendar showing all previous and upcoming Changes to their environment? Using SCSM for approving workflows and Orchestrator for automation, you can automatically publish these Change Requests to SharePoint every time with no user intervention?

SCSM is a very powerful tool but does not have an out-of-the-box, automated solution to publish work items to SharePoint Calendar. This however, can be easily done through an Orchestrator Runbook. No programming skills required.

Let’s first examine what we want to achieve more closely. We will be publishing a Change Request Work Item to SharePoint Calendar for this example.

Figure 1 below shows a Change Request form containing the “Schedule Start Date” and “Scheduled End Date”. Our goal is to have this and other details of the Change Request automatically show up on our SharePoint calendar, and update successfully every time a change is made to the request.

  Figure 1. Sample Change Request Form


Figure 2 shows the output to SharePoint calendar.



Figure 2: SharePoint Calendar

When you click one of the events, it opens the Request event page in SharePoint as seen in Figure 3


Figure 3. SharePoint Calendar Event List Item.

Before we start configuring, take a look at Figure 4.  This is what our final Orchestrator Runbook will look like.


Figure  4: Final Orchestrator Runbook description

This post assumes that:

  • You have SharePoint 2013 environment already set up
  • You know how to create a new calendar in SharePoint
  • You know know how to add and remove fields in SharePoint event calendar


Part-2 >> Let’s start configuring!