Publish SCSM work items to SharePoint 2013 calendar – Part 2

Let’s prepare SharePoint to receive the calendar events we want to publish to it.

1. Create a new calendar in SharePoint called Change Calendar.

2. Modify the calendar event columns to show the fields highlighted in Figure 5 . Please add another field called “ID” (not shown here)


Figure 5. Your calendar event should look similar to the image (Here).

Now, let’s go to Orchestrator and create a new runbook.

3. Create Service Manager connector. Give the connector a name of your choice.  (See: How to create an Orchestrator connector)

4. Create a connection to SharePoint called “SCSM Calendar (SharePoint 2013)

5. Add the following activities to Orchestrator and join them.

  •  1 Monitor Object
  • 1 Get List Items
  • 1 Create List Items
  • 1 Update List Items

Your Orchestrator runbook should look like the Figure Below
(Note :  This  is the same image as Fig. 3 on previous page).


6. Modify the “Monitor Object” activity as seen in figure 6: A.Fig.6

Figure 6: “Monitor Object Activity” Properties

7. Modify the “Get List Item” activity as seen in figure 7: A.Fig.7

Figure 7: Get List Items Properties

7b .Set the “Get List Items” filter to search the change calendar for an event with an ID the same as the Change Request ID.
It will return the list item if found and 0 if nothing is found.

8.  Modify the “Create List Items” activity as seen in figure 8 A.Fig.8

Figure 8: “Create List Items” Activities Properties

9. Modify the “Update List Items” activity as seen in Figure 9.

The properties are mostly similar to the “Create List Item” except for the ID field which is highlighted below. A.Fig.9a

Figure 9: Update List Item Activity Properties

10. Next, we will modify the links between “Get List Items” and “Create List Items”  Activities: Figure 10. createlistitemlink

“Item Count from Get List Items equals 0”  below, will create a new list item in the calendar since a list item with that ID was not found on the SharePoint calendar.


Figure 10: Link Properties for Link between ‘Get List Items” and “Create List Items” Activities

11. Finally, configure the link between “Get List Items” and “Update List Items” Activities


“Item Count from Get List Items does not equal 0”  below, will update the list item that was returned from the calendar.


12. Start the Runbook and watch you SharePoint calendar update whenever a new Change Request is created or an existing on was updated.


Many times managers want to be easily be made aware of what System Center Service Management work items are going through the workflow process in their IT environment. The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to publish these work items to SharePoint calendar automatically using System Center Orchestrator. Managers can easily be made aware of details on previous and upcoming Change Requests through SharePoint calendar Events. You can even take this process further by making use of some of SharePoint’s awesome features like “Syncing, Views and Reminders etc”. Use you imagination.

Feedback welcomed!


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